Criminal Law Practice



Facing misdemeanor charges? Discover a powerful ally in me, your dedicated attorney. While misdemeanors may not be as daunting as felonies, their impact can be life changing. Picture this: fines, fees, potential jail time up to 12 months, a stained criminal record, and the risk of losing your driving privileges. From DUIs to petty theft, I specialize in securing favorable outcomes. With a track record of success, I’ve steered countless clients away from jail, preserving their records, jobs, and livelihoods. Trust in me to navigate the legal terrain and safeguard your future – because your peace of mind matters.



Navigating Felony Offenses, including Capital Crimes, demands a seasoned defender. As your attorney, I bring a unique perspective, having been trained as a prosecutor in Georgia’s largest county. From years in prison, potential life imprisonment to death sentences, felonies carry severe consequences. Even probation alters lives significantly. Specializing in cases involving young men and women, I blend my legal expertise with impactful mentoring programs to make sure clients not only beat their case, but the odds in life as well. Regardless of your age or background, count on me for top-tier criminal defense tailored to your needs – an investment in your peace of mind and future success.

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