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While misdemeanor offenses are not as serious as felonies, they are indeed lifechanging in their consequences. A misdemeanor conviction can cost you not only fines, fees, employment and a criminal record, but you could spend up to 12 months in jail if convicted of a misdemeanor. You could also loose your right to operate a vehicle. From DUI’s to petty Theft crimes, no matter what your criminal charge is, you want an attorney like me on your side. I’ve had great success resolving hundreds of misdemeanor cases for clients, making sure they not only avoided jail time but also ensuring their criminal records, jobs and livelihoods remained in tact no matter how serious the charges were.



Felony Offenses, including Capital Crimes, are the highest level crimes under the law, and they are punished as such. A Felony is an offense for which a person can be sentenced from 1 year in Prison, to Life Imprisonment or Death. Even when a felony conviction results in Probation as oppose to prison time, the consequences are life-altering in the worse way. As a Defense attorney who was trained and groomed as a prosecutor in the largest county in the state of Georgia, I have dealt with nearly every type of criminal matter from both sides of the courtroom. I specialize in cases involving young men of color, combining my own efforts with the assistance of life-changing mentoring and counseling programs that I’ve built strong relationships with. It’s no secret that the jails and prisons of our State and Country are packed mostly with young, African American men. As a member of that very same group of men, I pride myself on my role in the rehabilitation and success of the young men I represented, often who escape felony convictions and prison time as a result of the mitigation measures taken prior to the resolution of the case. However, no matter what demographic you fit into, I’ll be happy to use my skills and experience to provide you the absolute best criminal defense money can buy.


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