Understanding Georgia’s “Seven Deadly Sins”

In the realm of criminal law, some offenses are deemed more severe than others, carrying specialized punishments and limited avenues for parole. Georgia law identifies these as the “Seven Deadly Sins,” encompassing the most heinous crimes in our society. Let’s delve into these offenses and the consequences they entail:

The Seven Deadly Sins:

  1. Murder, Felony Murder
  2. Armed Robbery
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Rape
  5. Aggravated Child Molestation
  6. Aggravated Sodomy
  7. Aggravated Sexual Battery


Upon conviction for any of these offenses, Georgia law mandates imposing no less than the statutory minimum sentences of imprisonment.

  • 10 Years Imprisonment:
    • Armed Robbery
    • Kidnapping (victim 14 years or older)
  • 25 Years Imprisonment (followed by probation for life):
    • Kidnapping (victim under 14)
    • Rape
    • Aggravated Child Molestation
    • Aggravated Sodomy
    • Aggravated Sexual Battery
  • Life Imprisonment:
    • Murder, Felony Murder
  • Eligibility for Parole:
    • Defendants sentenced to 10 years confinement must serve the entire 10 years without parole.
    • Defendants sentenced to 25 years confinement must serve the full term without possibility of parole.
    • Defendants sentenced to life imprisonment are parole eligible after 30 years.
    • Defendants sentenced to life without parole will never receive parole.

First Offender Treatment:

First Offender Treatment is not available for any of the Serious Violent Felonies.

While Georgia’s sentencing laws for serious violent felonies are stringent, there are ongoing discussions about potential reforms. Some advocacy groups advocate for sentencing reform, aiming to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences. Such changes would grant judges more discretion in sentencing, considering factors beyond the severity of the crime.

Understanding Georgia’s “Seven Deadly Sins” and their associated penalties underscores the importance of legal representation and awareness of one’s rights within the criminal justice system. If you or someone you know faces charges related to these offenses, seeking knowledgeable legal counsel is crucial to navigate the complexities of the law and ensure fair treatment within the legal process.

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