Channel 2 WSB-TV – Man with BB gun shot by officer while trying to take pictures near school, attorney says

ATLANTA – A mother says her son was not trying to hurt anyone when he was shot near a school campus in southwest Atlanta.    Police said D’Tavius L’quon Patterson, 20, was trying to get into Forrest Hill Academy last week, but did not get in.                Officers arrived as Patterson was leaving and said they saw that he had a weapon. The GBI said the weapon turned out to be a BB gun.  Investigators said they do not know if Patterson pulled the weapon, but they said he did not fire any shots. Authorities said an Atlanta Public Schools officer did fire a shot. Patterson was taken to the hospital, where his mother says he still is recovering.”I believe police overreacted that day,” attorney Will Arnold said. Patterson’s mother and attorney Arnold paint a different picture of what happened that day.

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